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Dylan Reddish, dance : Erik Schmidt, percussion

Photo by Wayne Reich


SHRED is a creative duo formed by dancer Dylan Reddish and percussionist Erik Schmidt, as well as a force for interdisciplinary collaboration within the broader artistic community. Our mission is to produce new and innovative works together by experimenting with the creative process of converging artistic mediums of all disciplines. This means we not only create our own works together, but seek out collaborative opportunities with an array of other artists. Shred performs together as a duo, organizes showcases of interdisciplinary collaborations, and strives to bolster a network of thought provoking makers, locally and beyond.

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Dylan Reddish

shred media package 0014.jpg

Erik Schmidt

Abstract Glass

Projects + Performances

Interactive Mural Project

Interactive Mural Project

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October 21st 

SHRED takes part in the Collaborative Mural Project between NCDF  and Greensboro Downtown Parks

At LeBauer Park in Downtown GSO

Video by Paul Byun  


Photos by Happy Labs Photography 

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January 3rd, 2o2o

SHRED presents Ascend, Connect, Spill

for dance and marimba

at Shadowbox Studio in Durham, NC

Hosted by The Bipeds

Photos by Alex Maness

Shred at Shadowbox Jan3 2020.jpg
Shred Shadowbox Jan 3 2019.jpg




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